I've created a real, 100% automated Forex EA, that Is Profitable In Every Market Condition!
And I have proof... click here to watch my EA trade live in an official myfxbook.com monitored account.
Let me introduce myself, my name is Matthew, I am a programmer, web designer, marketing professional, and currency trader. For the past 3 years I've been designing a Forex EA in the MQL4 programming language that I've dubbed MFM3. I am now putting this EA up for sale.
Take the time to thoroughly examine the MT4 back test results listed below. All back tests started with a balance of $1,000 and were performed with the same default EA settings, using FXCM chart data that I collected over a period of 3 years, accurate down to the tick, along with proper spread emulation.
GBPCHF 3+ year back test at 5 Pip spread.
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GBPCAD 3+ year back test at 6 Pip spread.
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EURCHF 3+ year back test at 3 Pip spread.
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USDCAD 3+ year back test at 3 Pip spread.
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EURCAD 3+ year back test at 4 Pip spread.
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CADCHF 3+ year back test at 5 Pip spread.
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EURGBP 3+ year back test at 2 Pip spread.
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You may be wondering why I need to sell such a powerful EA to begin with? Well... I'm broke. I told myself 3 years ago that I'd save up the money for this EA when it was complete, but I failed to do so. I'm selling this EA so that I can generate the funds to trade in a large live account. Once I have generated enough funds, I probably won't continue to sell this EA.
I designed this EA myself. It is not some piece of junk that I downloaded... I've purchased every hyped-up EA under the sun, and none of them worked for me. One big issue with commercial EAs and other Forex strategies, is that they are too complex and overly back tested, something Forex traders call "curve fitting."
My EA trades 7 different pairs, and uses the same strategy in all 7 pairs. The strategy is simple, it uses default indicator parameters and forward-tests as well as it back-tests. This EA does not use a martingale strategy, or multiply risk in any way. It will never take more than 2 trades per pair, and never risk more than around 10%. My EA does not require hedging, leverage higher than 50:1, or a zero spread account. My EA does not require any manual intervention, other than watching it trade. And it is compatible with all Forex brokers that offer MT4.
The key to designing a successful Forex EA is understanding that each currency pair is like a person, the market responds differently at different times of day, its actions depend upon it's recent past actions, and all pairs have a personality; some pairs are better suited for a particular strategy than others. Once you get to the core of market personality, the money simply spills out.
The minimum recommended account balance is $1,000 for a standard lot account, and $100 for a micro lot account. Any non-desk dealing broker with a reasonable spread and fast execution will do fine. It is possible to trade with a smaller account size, but that would be below what I consider safe trading.
Fully Automated Forex Trading Robot, No Special Knowledge Required
A Safe and Unique Trading Strategy - Not a Martingale, Not Curve Fit
Developed With over 3 Years Data, Back Tested 3 Years, Forward Tested 1 Year
Effective Money Management, Exponential Growth
No Hedging Required, Compatible with US Forex Brokers
MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Compatible
Start With as Little as $100
*Bonus* - Receive 3 years accurate tick chart data, for all currency pairs that I've downloaded from FXCM over the course of 3 years developing this EA, plus complete instructions for installing this tick chart data into MT4, for development and back testing purposes.
This is not Metaqoutes tick chart data. Metaqoutes data is not accurate and does not include volume data.
100% Money Back Guarantee - If your account fails to make a profit by the end of 60 days, using the default settings, I will refund your full purchase, no questions asked.
The EA and setup instructions will be made available to you right away in the members area. I'm also going to include the 3 years of tick chart data (2.1GB) that I have accumulated from FXCM for the purpose of creating this EA. Once I have generated enough funds, I may not continue to sell my EA. This is a once in a life-time opportunity for you. Buy my EA now!
Is this a grid, martingale EA? No, the EA opens one to two trades per pair, and won't drawdown more than around 20% with default settings.
Can I use the EA with a US Forex broker? Yes, MFM3 does not require hedging or an account leverage greater than 50:1. The EA will work with any broker, as long as they offer MT4 as a trading platform.
What is the minimum account balance? The minimum recommended account balance is $100 with a micro-lot broker (0.01 minimum lots) and $1000 with a standard-lot broker (0.1 minimum lots) If the balance is less than $100, the EA will trade with a lot size of 0.01 by default.
How long do trades remain open? A few minutes to a few hours.
Does the EA trade with a stop-loss? Yes, always.
What pairs can I use the EA with? You can use the EA with any pair/stock/commodity that your broker offers.
What platform does MFM3 run on? MetaTrader 4 (including build 600 +)
Does the EA require manual intervention? No, the EA is totally automated.
How many trades does the EA open per day? Usually between 2 and 7 trades per day.
Will the EA work with ECN brokers? Yes, the EA has a field to enter any commission that your broker charges per trade.
Settings: The EA has the ability to automatically download the latest settings from my server, so you do not have to adjust the settings manually. You can turn this feature off and use your own settings, if you choose.
Money Management: The EA comes with built in money management. You can increase or decrease the lot size by percent, or you can set the lot size manually.
Updates: When you purchase the EA you will receive an account where you can log in and download any future updates for free.
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Foreign exchange trading carries a high level of risk that may not be suitable for all investors. Leverage creates additional risk and loss exposure. Before you decide to trade foreign exchange, carefully consider your investment objectives, experience level, and risk tolerance. You could lose some or all of your initial investment; do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Educate yourself on the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial or tax advisor if you have any questions.